Managing your email

Setting up new email accounts, managing your forwards, passwords, and out-of-office.

Creating an autoresponder
You can create an auto-responder through the Roundcube webmail system, under Settings -> Filters. When viewing the Filters list, click the + Create button at the top of the page, which will open a new filter form. Complete the following fields:Filter name: a name for the filter to allow you to identify it at a…
Forwarding email to outside addresses
Due to the nature of how the email system works, we recommend that you do not forward email to addresses outside of your own domain. Occasionally this email is accepted by us to be forwarded, but might be rejected by the outside address, which can cause issues when we try to notify the original sender.…
Spam filtering with Spamassassin
Spam filtering is done through a tool called Spamassassin. It's available to all accounts, and can be enabled or disabled. Enabling Spamassassin Login to the control panel. Click Spamassassin Setup in the E-mail Manager section. Click Enable Spamassassin. Customize settings if necessary (but the defaults should be fine in most cases). Block or allow email addresses Sometimes you may find yourself…
Setting up a device for email access
Use the following information as a reference guide to setting up your device for email access. Please ensure you change the portion of these examples to the domain portion of your email address. Example: would use Incoming server: mail.yourdomain.comOutgoing server: mail.yourdomain.comUsername: your full email addressPassword: your email passwordIncoming port (IMAP): 993Outgoing port (SMTP): 465Encryption: Use TLS or SSL if available SMTP…
Set (or unset) your out of office
Login to the RoundCube webmail client. Click Settings on left sidebar. Click Out of Office from Settings list. Enter the Subject, Body, Start time, and End time for which you wish the out of office to apply. Select On from the Status dropdown. Click Save.
Create an email account
Login to the control panel. Click E-mail Accounts in the E-mail Manager section. Click Create Account. Fill in the Username with the value you'd like to be on the left side of the @ sign in the address. Enter a password or click the little dice icon to generate one randomly (it will be shown to you later). If you manually enter a password, ensure…
Change your webmail skin
The webmail interface has 3 possible skins. The default for new accounts is Elastic, but there's a chance you are using Classic due to the age of your account. You can easily switch back and forth between skins but we recommend sticking with Elastic as it will be the one best supported. The other skins should be considered deprecated. Changing from…
Change your email password
Login to the RoundCube webmail client. Click Settings on left sidebar. Click Password at bottom of list. Enter your current password and then your new password twice. Click Save.

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