Forwarding email to outside addresses

Due to the nature of how the email system works, we recommend that you do not forward email to addresses outside of your own domain. Occasionally this email is accepted by us to be forwarded, but might be rejected by the outside address, which can cause issues when we try to notify the original sender.

Also, as we might occasionally forward spam, this can hurt our delivery reputation and cause delivery issues with larger vendors, such as Hotmail or GMail.

Instead of using a forward, there are two better options:

  1. Use the built-in email services, either via our Roundcube webmail system, or by adding your email account to another email client such as Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird.
  2. Have the outside email address fetch the email from our servers. This can be done on GMail, but can no longer be done on Outlook/Hotmail.

Forwarding email within the same domain is perfectly fine, such as forwarding your info@ address to multiple recipients, john@ and jane@.

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