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Simple, reliable web hosting

You won't find a giant table of packages you need to select from here — we'd rather be up front with you than try to pull pricing trickery on you!

To make things easy, we offer 2 shared webhosting packages - if you have a lower traffic site, or you're just getting into websites, you probably want our Shared hosting package. If your old host keeps telling you to upgrade because you're “abusing” resources, or feel like your site is just competely underperforming, you probably want our Semi-dedicated hosting package.

Shared Canadian Webhosting
Shared hosting

With 100% SSD storage and under-loaded servers, this isn't your grandmother's shared hosting!

We're fanatical about speed, which means less sites per server than our competitors. This means more speed for your sites.

Paired with our 100% in-house support, and you have business-class hosting that let's you do what you do best — run your business!

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Semi-dedicated Canadian Webhosting
Semi-dedicated hosting

People keep recommending you get Virtual Private Server, but you don't know a Secure Shell from a Sea Shell? Besides, why should you become a server administrator now? Semi-dedicated is your answer.

Take advantage of our years of server management experience to give you an incredibly performant, low noisy-neighbour enviroment where you can tromp your competitors websites in speed and page rank.

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