About us

Small and medium-sized businesses across North America have turned to Mediadrive since 2006. We've provided them with reliable, personalized hosting services (99.9% guaranteed uptime). We've introduced them to virtualization technologies that help them increase their IT productivity, agility and responsiveness. We’ve also developed bespoke custom applications to for clients with requirements not satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions.

Our customers depend on us to keep them online. With more than a decade of experience as a web developer and systems administrator, our founder Adam Daniels has a deep understanding of the systems and components that keep our clients' sites safe and secure. Frustrated with existing product offerings on the market at the time, Adam brought a one-on-one hosting experience to clientele whose businesses demand guaranteed uptime and direct access to a professional, knowledgeable and experienced service provider.

Today, we cater to the complex needs of entrepreneurs in a diverse set of industries, from media and telecommunications to coworking spaces and consumer products. And because we're independently owned and operated in Canada, your data is safely stored on servers close to home.

You shouldn’t have to shop around for the most professional, comprehensive hosting solutions and development services. From helping you choose shared or semi-dedicated hosting packages to fit your needs to building a custom application to improve efficiency, we're passionate about bringing genuine value to your business.






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