Managing your site

Adding subdomains, managing SSL, and changing PHP versions.

Forcing a maintenance page
If you wanted to temporarily prevent visitors to your site while performing maintenance, add the following snippet to your .htaccess file in your domains public_html folder and ensure you have a maintenance.html file.
To ensure the connection between your visitors and your website is secure, you should redirect them to the secure version of the site. This can be easily completed by updating the .htaccess file in your website's public_html folder (domains/
Enable free TLS/SSL
To ensure the connection between your website visitors and the server that hosts your website is encrypted, you should enable a free Let's Encrypt™ TLS certificate. This is now done automatically for new websites. The steps below are no longer required. Login to the control panel. Select the domain you want to add the certificate to…
Changing the PHP version
The PHP version that is enabled can be configured at the site level. Subdomains can have different PHP versions if they are added as separate sites and not regular subdomains. Login to control panel. Click Domain Setup. Select domain (or subdomain) from list. Click PHP Version Selector from right side of page. Choose PHP version from dropdown and click Save. The selected…
Adding a subdomain
There are 2 ways to add a subdomain. Either as a lightweight subdomain of a main domain, or a separate domain. The advantage of adding as a separate domain is that it can have it's own PHP version and SSL/TLS certificate. Login to the control panel. Click Domain Setup. Click Add New on right side of page. Enter the full domain…

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