Why choose Mediadrive?

Our roots

Since being founded in 2006, Mediadrive has assisted it's clients in the rapid development, hosting, and maintenance of web applications. Our custom virtual server control panel was built to mirror the custom virtualization technology we have been using in-house for our clients. Recently, we've chosen to further enhance our virtualization technology, and utilize the powerful KVM Virtualization technology as a Canadian provider.

Our background

Our passion for hosting and virtualization technologies has been a part of us for over a decade. Combined, our team shares over 20 years of hosting experience, and almost as much in development experience. We love what we do, and we feel it shows.

We don't have any stock photos of models standing beside racks of servers, or beautiful models ready to take your call, but we hope you consider us just the same.

Our Custom Control Panel

Out-of-Band Console

Out-of-Band Console

Use our browser based VNC console to access the virtual console of your Virtual Private Server to perform out-of-band management.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Setup the virtual private server to match your requirements! Architecture, boot device, you name it! You are in complete control.


Easy to use

Our management portal was designed to be extremely flexible while remaining easy to use. We don't want to alienate anybody! Both newbies and guru's will find our portal an enjoyment to use.